Hendrik Borras, M.Sc.

Hendrik Borras is a doctoral student at the Computing Systems Group at the Institute of Computer Engineering at Heidelberg University. His work is primarily concerned with novel hardware architectures for machine learning outside of the digital domain.

The first time he came in contact with analog technology, was at the CosmicPi Project in 2017. Where he co-designed an analog readout system for the detection of cosmic muons, which as a topic carried over into his bachelor thesis (pdf). Ever since he has had an interest in low-level hardare, be it digital or analog. And he found his more recent curiosity in Machine Learning in 2020, when working on his master thesis in the Computing Systems Group of Prof. Holger Fröning (pdf). After a six month stint in Dublin at the Xilinx Research Labs in 2021 he then started as a Ph.D. candidate back in Heidelberg. And has been working on novel hardware architectures for Bayesian Neural Networks and Deep Neural Networks ever since.

Cheers, Hendrik

P.S.: This summary is somewhat over dramaticed, but facturally correct.

Research interests

  • Novel hardware architectures for Deep and Bayesian Neural Networks
  • Noisy hardware, such as photonic and electric analog devices
  • High-throughput and low-latency inference of quantized Deep Neural Networks on FPGAs

Curriculum vitae

  • Shortform: pdf
  • Since 2022, PhD candidate in Computer Engineering, Heidelberg University (Germany)
  • 2021-2021. Research intern at Xilinx Research Labs Dublin, now AMD RADICAL (Ireland)
    • Most of my work done in this context is open-source on Github.
  • 2018-2021, Masters in Physics, Heidelberg University (Germany)
    • Thesis: Exploring Structured Sparsity within Data-Flow Architecture on Reconfigurable Hardware, pdf
  • 2014-2018, Bachelor in Physics, Heidelberg University (Germany)
    • Thesis: Determination of the angular distribution of cosmic ray muons and Development of a low-cost silicon detector, pdf

Recent Service (4-year horizon)

Reviewer or Subreviewer

  • International Conference on Supercomputing (ICS) 2024
  • International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP) 2023
  • IoT, Edge, and Mobile for Embedded Machine Learning (ITEM) 2023, colocated with ECML-PKDD 2023
  • IoT, Edge, and Mobile for Embedded Machine Learning (ITEM) 2022, colocated with ECML-PKDD 2023

Recent Teaching (4-year horizon)

Summer term 2023
Teaching Assistant; graduate course “Embedded Machine Learning”
Winter term 2020/21
Teaching Assistant; graduate course “GPU computing”


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  • Home automation
    • In particular enviromental control of my ultra humid flat.
  • Gaming (Valheim, DRG, Ghostrunner, LoL, Nier, Beat Saber, Valorant, …)
  • Tinkering with any digital or physical technology that peaks my interst.
  • Swimming and diving (if I ever find the time…)