Sino-German Workshop on Multiphysics Device Simulation and Hardware-aware Computing


  • Jiawei Zhang, Institute of High Voltage and Insulation, Xi’an University of Technology (jiawei8633 (at)
  • Holger Fröning, ZITI, Heidelberg University, Germany (holger.froening (at)


The considers the tension field in between staggering scaling of silicon device and vastly increasing demands of emerging applications, including machine learning (ML) and scientific computing (SC). In detail, it is concerned with the following topics

  • Topic 1. HW aware Machine Learning and Scientific Computing
  • Topic 2. Domain-specific Processor Architectures (for ML and SC)
  • Topic 3. Multi-physics Simulations for Emerging Semiconductor Devices
  • Topic 4. Qualification and Measurement based on ML

To advance research on these topics, selected experts from Germany and China have been invited to join the workshop and contribute an invited talk. Seating is limited, in the case of interest to join as an attendee please contact one of the co-organizers from above.

More information about the detailed schedule to be posted at a later point in time.